Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Respecting Elders

I know they're old. I know they've lived three times longer than I have. I know they have lived through some of the world's most momentous occurrences, tragedies and miracles like the falling of The Berlin Wall, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the death of Anna Nicole Smith (yes, that is a momentous occasion to me). But seriously guys, why do we have to respect them? Elders, I speak of.

I don't want anyone getting the impression, however, that I disrespect my own grandparents. Of course not! Ludicrous! Absolutely ludicrous, simply because I respect them for a different reason. I don't respect them because they're old, but because they are family. If it wasn't for the combined sperm of my two grandfathers back in the sixties, then I wouldn't exist! I respect those balls! Those balls are the reason I exist!

But, I'm talking about OLD PEOPLE. I don't think that we should respect someone that poops their pants on a daily basis. Nor do I believe I should "pay my dues" to someone who finds it necessary to look for exact change as I stand behind them, waiting patiently for the check-out cashier to bag their five gallons of prune juice. I'm not saying all old people are bad, just the ones that aren't all there in the head.

If there is an old person who is clearly mentally gone and is clearly supposed to die because they are living off of pills and machines, then no, I don't think they deserve my respect. Why should I respect someone who is trying to cling onto a world where no one cares whether they die? Or someone eating away at the nation's social security, endlessly mooching off of our tax dollars.

Okay, I'm getting off topic but basically, all I'm saying is we should really just treat old people normal. If they act like assholes, don't bite your tongue and let it slide... Do what you would do to anyone else. Tell them to fuck off and make an old joke about saggy tits/balls. Choose which one works best.

That is all

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I respect people that treat me with respect, regardless of age.

i respect them but they better not touch me!

Your supposed to give them the benefit of the doubt because of how much more of the world they have seen then you... but after 80 all bets are off and they need to move into a quiet home.

Same as mike, there some old people who dont deserve to be treated with respect.
@Colin Lol!

Respect is earned man, The fact that a person lived that long is admirable, more so if he is some kind of war vet, also with age comes experience an Elder must be respected because all the wisdom that life has taught him and that he can share with us younglings.

I always appreciate questioning traditionally held beliefs.

In this case however, I think that we do owe our elders some greater degree of respect. We're all getting older. I would like to think that I'll live into my 80s or more. I would appreciate people being understanding when and if I'm not able to get around as fast as they are or hear as well as they do.

I think the golden rule applies here.

hmmm but they are so grouchy!

i respect whoever respects me.. but old ppl can be rly anoying sometimes

Great points. Morally I say I should, but then again you see some really aggresive old people who you just can't bother to deal with.

Like your post.
Nice blog btw.

That is very hard moral issue, I've got some doubts about your argumentation, but I respect your point of view.

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