Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Indie Movies Suck

Sure some independent films are brilliant like Pulp Fiction, American History X, Leon, etc... But the 'good' films only take up about 5% of the independent film collection. The reason these films are so well known is because they were filtered through all of the other indie films which SUCK MASSIVE ASS.

At one point did it become 'edgy' and 'cool' to choose from ridiculous angles and story lines that don't even make sense. If I hear one more person say Garden State is the greatest movie ever made, I'm going to shit out an Iron & Wine album out of pure, concentrated indie rage. Seriously, this scene always makes me want to shoot myself in the face

"you gotta hear this one song, it'll change your life. I swear"
HAHAHAHAHAHA. Shutup Natalie Portman, go dance ballet or something.

I guess people suggest that independent films are better because the same can be said about music which is actually true most of the time. In my opinion and most people's opinion, independent music rules supreme in quality despite the fact that musical groups like Brokencyde, Lady GaGa and Usher rule supreme in the industry.

Just because these musical acts rule the airwaves doesn't mean they are the best HOWEVER, the same can not be said about movies. Movies need staff, writers, cameras and overall a GOOD BUDGET.

Just because there is a sad clown crying and contemplating on his life's regrets in a black and white movie while some naked French girl dances in the background with balloons tied to her neck DOESN'T MAKE IT A GOOD MOVIE. I'm tired of these 'too deep for you' bullshit that keeps getting portrayed in crappy indie movies. Get a budget and an original thought, guys and stop mooching off your parent's trust funds for your film school.

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Like what you said, but now I'm curious to go see the movie!
I hope I will be disapointed when I watch it!

When I saw the title of this post and when I reconized that screenshot from Garden State I was all ready to come in here and say how wrong you were, but you make a good point. On the other hand, I must say that just because some of these songs DO get massive airplay doesn't make them bad either.

The Shins are good, but not that good... certainly not life changing.

lol. Garden State is soooooooooooo early 00's bro.

i didn't know pulp fiction was independent

actually, i think there are a higher % of good indie movies than good hollywood movies

Sweet! +1 follower :D

I certainly agree, some indies do suck. But some suck so bad they're good kinda...maybe lol

I couldn't have said it better my self!

I want to see more scrubs. Also Black Scrubs.

Hollywood movies by big name companies tend to be so shallow though, going to things to WHAM and attract audiences, like action and explosions.

Only difference is hollywood movies tend to do better most of the time.

Some times they are so bad they are good though. I wonder though if people try to make movies as bad as possible hoping they become cult classics though, case in point: SHARKTOPUS.

American history x was amazing.
lots indie films suck, but they also have a few amazing ones. :D

Never saw garden state, it looked mediocre

not only do i hate indie movies, i hate indie people

Wow! That scene looked really awkward and unnatural.

I agree (also, fuck Garden State).

I actually liked garden state. It was one of those slice of life movies with plausible events.

Indie music is great though

Garden state looks like a heap of crap, not even gonna bother watching it. 1st three you mentioned are awesome though.

Of every virtue gives renown to men! Following!

I have to admit that I loved Garden State. But in all honesty, I was VERY drunk when I watched it. Soooo...

It's like you're in my head. I agree 100%.

as much as i disagreed with this post, you have quite an enjoyable style of writing that kept me laughing the entire time.

Not a big fan of Indie movies myself. However my girlfriend is and it drives me to not want to watch movies entirely. Meh...I guess I was never a big movie buff anyway.

I agree totally with this blog. There are a FEW good ones and Pulp Fiction is one. Julianne Moore has indied herself straight and directly into the "undertalented and overrated" column starring in one Indie turd after another. There should be a "Make good movies or go away" law.

BTW Natalie Portman stars in crap whenever she can. She thinks she's got the star-power to save any dog of a movie. She doesn't.

There's no way indy films have even close to the amount of good movies Hollywood movies have. Indy films are for art-fags who do nothing but try to be intellectual with their wanna be intellectual hipster friends.

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