Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Culture Shock

I guess this is more of a follow up blog on something that I wrote about last week, but it's still bothering me how different this generation is compared to previous ones and I think it's because we've been exposed to more freaky shit. Do you remember what the WORST thing you ever saw was before the internet came around? Probably weird poop or a dead dog.

I was exposed to two girls one cup at the age of FIFTEEN. The most shocking thing ever done by humans since the gestapo threw Jew babies to the dogs was shown to me after being on this planet for fifteen years along with several other images that should never be seen by anyone. Any imaginable horror is now available online and everyone using the computer is young as fuck.

Ok, now think about what the most shocking thing your grandparents have ever seen. Honestly, probably too many dishes in the sink or saggy tits. Do you remember how old you were when you first saw a boob? Probably like ten right? Maybe you were a little eager and managed to see one at eight, but NOW imagine how old your grandfather was when he first saw a tit...

The first tit your grandfather saw was probably an ACTUAL tit and now there are all these four year olds walking around with their iPhones and they can literally - between breaths - look at a tit with little to no effort. All they have to do is move their thumbs four times slightly. T - I - T - SEARCH... "Oh, cool a boob. I'm gonna go back to playing Fruit Ninja."

Before the internet, kids would tell each other happy birthday by buying a card and giving them a friendly punch or something but now I guess the cool and funny thing to do is show them the most horrifying picture that could be possibly conjured up. Or even worse, a childhood icon transposed into filth like maybe a picture of Goofy's dick or Winnie the Pooh getting rimmed by Eor.

My cousin was beside me and he is 13 years old and said "haha look at this" and showed me a picture of two naked old ladies making out. I stared shocked and he just started laughing then continued to show me more things that were burned into my brain.

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Yeah... No one is ever old enough to watch some of the stuff on the internet like 2G1C... Also, I LOVE the new layout to your blog :D

Wow, times have changed. However I didn't find two girls, one cup that bad. It didn't shock me. i guess i am weird.

If you didn't watch porn by sneaking into an older brother's room, taking a vhs tape, watching it, and then when you were done rewinding it to the exact same second you started watching it and putting it back in the exact same spot and position it was when you found it you know nothing about porn.

Back in my day porn meant something.

Wow you make some very good points! I saw pictures of decapatated heads and holocaust victums in school prior to ever using the internet (my grandfather saw the real version during ww2) but since the internet I've seen alot more stuff! (never seen 2 girls 1 cup and never will)

a very good point here sir. the internet is just a web of filth.

2 Girls 1 Cup is tame compared to other scat stuff that went around the internet at the same time. You can't really think of "whats the worst thing you saw..." as a kid, because you probably saw a lot of fucked up shit, but were just too young to know what was going on. A dead animal, or weird poop is just going to stick out, because you understood what they were. The childhood icon thing really isn't a new concept either, if you want more info, look up Tijuana Bibles...

Great post though, really makes you think :)

Desensitization is what is happening here but these weird things were around before the internet could bring them directly to you.

And now we have 8G1C... oh, how innocent we were.

Lol'ed at fruit ninja.

Followed up in here because you are...


Nudity can be good as long as it isn't sexual.

Anyways, great blog, love the layout!

I'm yet to see 2 girls and a cup.

hehe, ive seen much worse at that age.
but im still happy as long as kids dont show child pornography to each other

I don't think theres much out there that could shock me anymore, thanks internet!

Heheheh, that fruit ninja bit got me.

The internet has definitely changed what everyone can be exposed to

dont feel alone on this. I despise what its done to kids :/

Two girls one cup is actually a light video. :D

The internet has completely desensitized me at this point to everything =/

I miss that feeling of shock when you see something disturbing. I've seen far too much on the web that what's disturbing back then seems pretty normal right now.

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