Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Night of the Living Cockroaches

Roaches. Little pieces of shit with legs and antennas.

Last night I set my head down to go to sleep, trying to avoid the rumbling train that always seems to wake me up in the middle of the night and there in front of my fucking face was one of the worst psychotic experiments God ever put on this Earth. I seriously think God got drunk one night with his other 'god' buddies (Buddha, Zeus, etc...) and thought it would be funny to put these sneaky vermin EVERYWHERE.

Buddha: Hey God, let's think up some crazy, fucked up shit.

God: Ahhhh, I don't know man hahahaha. Last time I did that with you, we created George Bush.

Buddha: Oh, come on! Let's do it for old time's sake.

Zeus: Yeah, don't be such a pussy dude.

God: Oh, okay.

Yup, that's exactly how it happened and don't even try to refute me.

Roaches have always been a problem in my house since I was younger and I always thought that there was a mountain of roach people, then one day a bunch of real estate agents came and raped/pillaged all of the roach people and built a bunch of pretty houses on top of the mountain. Now their unborn children and spirits haunt my house.

These aren't just regular roaches either! They're like super-efficient, mutated, evolutionized roaches with night vision and SWAT ropes. The other day I saw one in my kitchen and he was lingering on the floor, in the corner as I tried to sneak up behind him. Then he turned around because apparently I wasn't being cat-like enough. I steered my eyes over beside the little fucker and saw a shoe (roach's worst enemy). I looked at the shoe, then - I SWEAR TO GOD - the roach looked at the shoe too! Then he looked back at me with fortitude and fucking ran away. He knew what I was going to do! Curse you drunk God.

18 clueless comments:

When life gives you cockroaches, roast them and dip them in chocolate.

really creative and interesting blog! + followed

I live on a farm. You should see the size of the asshole cockroachs out here

when you get roaches i get some raid and never use it

I FUCKING HATE ROACHES. Really, this "thing" creeps me out

Never had a roach problem - what part of the world do you live in?

Dude, I fucking HATE cockroaches. I turn into a little bitch whenever I see one. Following!

DISGUSTING. But also delicious.

Blargh, I HATE insects, cockroaches, God, they are really hideous and creepy. I hate them I hate them I hate them

cockroaches are awful. luckily i rarely see them as i live in an areas in which they are sparse.

i hate those things, they make me feel sick

Roaches are incredibly annoying...

This post and Geojour's comment up there had me cracking up, good stuff. Roaches were the bane of my existence, thankfully they seem to be nonexistent where i currently live.

Use the bait pesticide. It works best.

Roaches are okay when there is just one on the floor, but when there's a bunch of them on the walls and starts flying around then it's time to panic.

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