Friday, July 29, 2011

Tropical Storm Don

Grab your lanterns and your pitchforks because a storm is a-brewin' in the Gulf! Tropical Storm Don is the first storm of the hurricane season to penetrate the mouth of Texas with all its glory and you know what that means. Hilarious and ridiculous news reports. Hahaha, people are treating this thing like it's fucking Hurricane Katrina. If anything, this storm is a big fat wet blessing in the disguise of some wind and water.

Seriously you guys, Texas is HOT. It's so hot over here it feels like Whoopi Goldberg's armpit after a cocaine binge. Also how scary are these hurricane names gonna get? LOL, Don sounds like the guy who went golfing this weekend. Not the ultimate storm of the century that will rape children and flip over SUVs, throwing them upon pregnant women. Nope! If Hurricane Katrina was a ravaging and angry rampage that should shake fear in all of us, then Don is nothing more than an earthly belch.

Tropical storm Don is movie weather. By that, I mean it's weather that's bad enough to where you just don't want to go outside and stay in and watch a good movie. So that's what I'll be doing this weekend as the little bitch of a storm passes over me. Have a good weekend everybody!

21 clueless comments:

in my city which is in far west texas, we've been getting about an inch of rain and everyone is flipping out like if its an apocalypse or something, its annoying as a kid talking in xbox live. -_ -

Lol, lucky me I don't live near Texas.

How is Texans Stadium, is it in the path of mother natures destruction? I know Dallas Cowboys stadium will avoid destruction, because they have convertible roof to let god watch his team. haha

Don sounds terrifying. You know, next to Sally or Jim-jim

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...I'm not sure how a pitchfork would be of any assistance in a tropical storm? Care to elaborate on that one?

i wonder who names these hurricanes

damn some tough times are coming for Texas and the neighbors

i wonder why all hurricanes have girl names :P

Thanks for making me think of Whoopi's armpit... -_-

I didn't get the Whoopi reference.

i kinda wish there was a storm coming my way.

Heh, the picture is misleading. My first thought is that all hell is breaking loose :P

Us Arkansasans are upset that all we got was a few minutes of rain. We haven't had rain in several months. It is going to turn into another dustbowl here soon.

To taste the fruit of yon celestal tree.

"It's so hot over here it feels like Whoopi Goldberg's armpit after a cocaine binge." LOL. but yeah i agree, they should make it hurricane Onyx. that sounds scarier.

needs to swing east over MS :L its been over 100 almsot everday.. not less than high 90's at 12 :|

Ha. Seriously now, who comes up with these names? I would like to meet him, then slap him in the face with a piece of raw steak.

Read up on hurrican Bob! It did alot of damage and its name was Bob!

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