Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Things that exist for no reason

There are a lot of excess luxuries floating around in this world we call America and I think we take advantage of every single one of them. "Huh? What's this? A bottle of oil? I'm sure this goes into my car with NO outside influence!" WRONG... I think we should all take a brazen look at our society and ask - "Is this really necessary?"

Cops on horses

What the flying assholes? Why does this exist, and not only does it exist, but for some even weirder reason, I only see cops on horses in mega-metropolis cities like New York or Houston. WE HAVE CARS AND SIRENS AND GUNS... Horses have been obsolete since someone first got into a car and said "hey this is a lot better, you guys. My ass doesn't hurt at all". But nope! For some reason, horses continue to gallop in unwanted places and I continue to see Mr. Ed when I go out to get my Chinese takeout.

Pizza Tracker

What ever happened to the good ol' days when we would cuddle up with a scary movie and the suggestion of ordering a pizza becomes an exciting rush of laziness. SOMEONE WILL BRING FOOD TO ME! But ordering a pizza should be exactly that, a rush of laziness and not a Goddamn SWAT mission. Why the hell do we have to know the GPS coordinates of the pizza man? Are we now treating pizzas like our teenage children? "WHERE WERE YOU... WHY DID YOU STOP AT SHANNON'S HOUSE". No. Let's just treat our pizzas like pizzas and let them get delivered spontaneously (but under thirty minutes) to our doorstep.

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ha, very witty. i hate ordering food, it always either comes late or its not as good as i wanted it to be, im just too choosy

I dunno, that tracker looks like an awesome thing.

Hahaha, my girlfriend's name is Shannon, pizza man better not be stoppin' at Shannon's house! >__>

its too much. i agree. i used to work at a pizza shop, a lotta pressure on the drivers. gps tracking of them would be worse.

I like horses in general
how about cops who deliver pizza on horses?

I totally agree on your opinions of these, stuff like this is slowly ruining us as a species.

I like what Jon says. Cops deliver pizza when they arrest you for being drunk lol. +followed!

Hey some people like to keep track of their pizzas I guess.

I agree with the horses, the pizza thing is for customer service..

Lol. Technology these days. I loved that pizzza rant.

horses are good, as they are reliable, and more maneuverable than a car

oh my god, guess whos ordering dominoes tonight??

I agree about cops on horses lol. they look so silly up there just chillin.

Glade your blog is still doing good!

these are just novelty items. At the heart of any novelty is advertising. Cops on horses are for tourism, and pizza tracking is, well, for pizza places. anyways, followed.

LOL a pizza tracker!?! oh please...

Haha pizza tracker :D Never heard of that.

thats nice, keep it up! :DD

My god, that pizza tracker makes me crazy. The worst is when my girlfriend sits there and stares at the timer going down.

haha I'm from a small town and the pizzas tracking still not on here, but wtf? haha serious mission

the last thing iwant to do is when i go out side is step in a big 'ol pile of HORSESHIT!!!

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