Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cynics: A Quick Overview at a Snobby Society

Cynical - adj. bitterly or sneeringly distrustful, contemptuous, or pessimistic.

We've gotten so bored as an American society that we've created a new emotion. Cynicism. Cynics can come in all shapes and sizes but tend to stick to a singular age group (Generation X) and they all tend to do the same thing which is scoff at any music that isn't cool, scoff at any movie that looks lame, and just scoff at anything they disagree with.

This has to be the most annoying and all-around terrible aspect a human can have. I'll admit that I have moments where I act like a cynical asshole, but I tend to just blurt out all my 'superior' babble on the internet WHERE IT BELONGS. Seriously, the only reason there are so many cynics out there is because our lives are so cushy and soft that we HAVE to find shit to complain about.

We have nice homes, nice air conditioning, nice television programs and nice food and we still manage to bitch about everything. Why? Because we're bored and there's nothing else to do. Could you imagine a group of Sub-Saharan African kids behaving like cynical assholes?

Ongawa: Oh my GOD Nunji, that basket you weaved out of your feet is so unoriginal. I swear, no one in this village has a creative thought in their head.

Nunji: Feed me

Ongawa, you are such a dick! Nunji just wants some food but you still manage to scoff and complain about bullshit. And for all the Ongawas out there, take a look in the mirror.

22 clueless comments:

Nunji's effin' boss! Weavin' baskets out of feet n' turnin' the other cheek.

I'd buy a foot-weaved basket if it's not branded with some crappy company logo.

nunji should break that basket over ongawas head. its what i would have done.

i laughed at this but i agreed. +following.

I only buy hemp-woven baskets

people being negative is quite annoying

haha while reading this i couldnt help thinking of my generic hipster friend who suffers from, as you described, Cynicism clearly. a good read :)

The pretentiousness of cynical people really irks me.

Ghost World is an awesome movie though.

cynicism sucks, that's for sure

I'd hate cynicism, if I wasn't so often guilty of it myself... :P

The original cynics lived back in Roman or Greek times and they rejected all modern advancements and favoured living in the woods and hunting their own food!

but but but but thats my favorite sport on the internet

I try and restrict my cynicism to religion, advertising, charities, politicians, children, adults, bankers, insurers, the unemployed, workers, druggies, alcoholics, teetotallers, moderate drinkers and anyone breathing as well as most of the people who are no longer breathing ….So I think you will agree a normal level of healthy cynicism…

Have to agree. People are just looking for shit to complain even though a majority of us have everything we need (the things we take for granted, food etc. not the things we want just so we can show off) handed to us on a plate. I'm not saying I don't complain about shit not worth complaining about every once in a while but I also appreciate the fact that I can get food and a drink whenever I feel like it.

People complain just to complain. People are rude just to be rude. Cynics piss me off though probably the worst :p Besides racists.

Is the left one scarlett johanson? you have a new follower sir :]

Scoffing at things they disagree with, I can't abide. Scoffing at a movie that looks lame? That seems natural.

lmao. oh you! I fucking love your sense of humor.

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