Monday, August 1, 2011

Harry Potter Binge

WELL, I officially lost my self respect this weekend. In a 72 hour period, I've managed to defile my own sense of worth and watch every single Harry Potter movie (excluding The Chamber of Secrets because I can't fucking find my brother's copy of that DVD anywhere in the house). Why did I watch all of them, you ask? Because I saw a clip of the newest movie out in theaters on The Daily Show with John Stewart and I thought OKAY NOW THAT LOOKS COOL.

So I put on my sweats, got plenty of fattening snacks and dove head first into a sedentary pool of hygienic neglect and self-loathing. Hahaha, seriously I don't know why I kept watching them and why I was so into it. It's all gibberish to me, sprinkled with a British accent which makes it sound like even more gibberish.

Ugh, I just wish the movies weren't so fucking LONG. It's like watching Avatar seven times in a row. I get it, the books were long and I'm sure the writers/directors had to include so many specific scenes so that the book nerds who actually read them before the movies came out won't have an uproar and trash Hollywood with their wands and brooms. Is there a Cliff Notes version of the movies? Because honestly I'd rather watch a 90 minute, summed up version of all the movies than sit through another ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY MINUTE film. C'mon guys.

Also, what the hell is with this Voldemort character? Haha, he's a chromosome away from being that burn victim who is in all of those Public Service Announcements for drunk driving.

Is that why you're always so pissed off, Lord Voldermort! Were you hit by a drunk driver! Is that why you killed Harry Potter's parents and now have a life long grudge for Harry Potter himself? Did his parents drink and drive, then hit you with their wizard car!? Hahaha, since when did NOT having a nose become the essence of eternal evil? Well, that would be a lot more interesting than this abra kadabra stuff.

LOL but seriously, this stuff is pretty intoxicating and addictive. Sometimes when I drop something I just imagine picking up a stick and saying HOPACA SHALAMADAMA! Then the thing I dropped would magically prop back up into my hand. Ugh, I'M BECOMING ONE OF THEM.

I just kind of wish the witches in these movies were a little more stereotypical like the witches in that old Disney movie Hocus Pocus.

Welp, fell free to have a little Harry Potter themed orgy in the comment section.

20 clueless comments:

I haven't gotten to see the last on yet. But I really don't remember what happened in the previous Harry Potters...I am going to have to re-watch them =\

I have never understood why all my friends are so much obsessed with Harry Potter movies.

I yell out the spoilers of movies right when i get outside of the theatre :D

I occasionally have wand fights with my friends...

why the fuck is she wearing a tophat? that makes no sense, but tophats are fukin awesome

I did the Lord of the rings trilogy (Extended versions) back to back, when Mrs B was away for a weekend. A number of friends showed initial interest in the project but in the end it was just me and one of our cats that turned up… McG walked out halfway through the Two towers, leaving me on my own for the last six hours with just a numb bum for company…. Worth it though….

Might have to do a harry potter weekend at some point….As for the length of the films I just wished they had split all of the books into two or more parts, so much ended up being cut out from the books…

I believe that they are/or were talking about splitting the Hobbit into two parts….

HP never impressed me. Always seemed like it was getting to much undeserved credit.

I can't imagine a worst way to spend 72 hours.

haha voldermort the result of drunk drivers !

if there were only or more stereotypes, then the whole world would collapse! :D

it's good that you didn't find the first dvd, that one was the worst. other than that visually it's a pretty neat series but in feel like the end was a real cop out

they should all look like SJP (L)

i could watch HP day and night seriously...the movie rock's...nice blog...check my up..


I'll have you know that Avatar was much worse than even Harry Potter 6

I did the same thing, watching all the movies over the course of a week, but I for one, enjoyed it.

I have read all the books and I watched all the movies except the last one (number 7, which is in two parts to squeeze more money out of people).
I still don't know why people like freaking Harry Potter. At least I haven't paid to read any of the books or for watching any of the movies.

HARRY POTTER THEMED ORGY YOU SAY???! Well don't mind if I do! If I had a wand, it would have spewed by now.. I gotta give it to ya... watching all the movies like that.. jeezus, I can't even do that. And I'm borderline unhealthily obsessed with this series. it's so awesome. +++follow!

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