Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Funny Places to Stick My QR Code

Perhaps you've seen these around trendy coffee shops or just on the bottom of a magazine! What is it, you ask? It's a QR Code and it's the latest in lazy advertising so of course I jumped on board the QR Code train. Hop on kids! We're going for a ride!

QR Codes are a small pixelated square that people can scan with their smart phones, and after scanning the code will take them directly to a website. So I printed out about a hundred 1" X 1" laminated cards with my QR Code and have been sticking them all over town.

But, when people see my QR code, I don't want them to say "Oh look, another QR Code. I guess I should just scan it cause I'll look cool." Nope! I want people to say "uhh... who the fuck put this here?" Hahaha, so think of some funny places I can stick these bitches in the comment section and I'll try and see which ones make me laugh the most. Here's a few I already came up with.

- INSIDE of a rhinoceros exhibit at the zoo
- The claw of a lobster in one of those big Red Lobster tanks
- Old lady shopping cart-mobile at Wal Mart
- Seats of a bus so that when obese people get up, others can scan the crack of their ass
- Those cylinder containers that fly up in the tubes at banks
- Missing child poster

25 clueless comments:

ah yes advertising at its best :)

Haha! this made me think to print out my BBM pin and stick it on telephone poles around my city and see what happens.

missing child poster? thats effed up, but hilarious. lol

A golden key can open any door

Buy a condom, unwrap it, take some mayo and mix a little water with it and put it in the condom, stick a QR code on it and drop it somewhere.

That is some good guerrilla marking techniques.. Ive seen them around my campus before.. and now I know! thanks!

+followed :)

How do you go about making a Qr code for your website? SUPER interesting! I have always wondered about those things!

Missing child poster is hilarious!! Hahaha! OH NO JENNY IS MISSING!!! *scan QR* wtf? cluelessdolphin.blogspot.com?

didnt know thats what those were thanks, this could get funny were you put them as well, haha

I'm more interested in how i make one of these myself

interesting idea.
public transportation is a good option for spreading your sticks

If you know a girl that will, have her stick one on her breasts. See who has the balls to scan it.

Tattoo it to a sleeping friend's forehead!

LOL AT THE TATTOO IDEA. thats pretty fucking cool i need to check into these, wouldn't mind making one of my own

where did you get one of these made?

Following your zoo theme, stick it to a Gorilla, Gorilla guerrilla marketing.

Just so everyone knows, I used this website to make my QR codes


Then I printed out several of them by copy + paste to word and used a laminator

I have been putting QR codes on my business cards. Some folks have NO IDEA what they are, while those who do generally get a kick out of it. It's not a very unique place to put it, but it always strikes up a conversation.

I would really like to learn how to make one of these.. Could you possibly get back to me about it?

At a GMC (vitamin + health suppliment store), there was one on the back of the salesguy's nametag. As if someone was just going to go scan his chest.

Excellent Idea.. I'll do that to promote my blog!

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