Thursday, August 4, 2011

Generation Tech

My generation is commonly referred to as Generation X which honestly means nothing to me except for the fact that it makes all young people sound scary. I've grown to realize that I belong to the generation that was the last of our kind to experience what life was like WITHOUT internet.

Now when I see little kids walking around it's as if they just fell into this world of technology like it's always been a way of life for everyone, I can't help but think "Huh?". It's the only life they'll ever know! It's like when a baby is born, they're immediately given three things. A birth certificate, social security card and a Facebook page.

Doctor: Here's your beautiful baby boy, Ms. Johnson! But, I have one question for you. What's his relationship status?

Seriously, my little cousin is only 5 years old and he is infinitely better than me at all things technological as if C++ classes are given in the womb. What's sad is that I know most of the crap that he does online and on his little iPhone will never help him in life.

My Cousin:
Hello sir, I'm coming in for an interview.

Interviewer: Great, fantastic! Have you got a resume?

My Cousin: Yes I do! Here you go.

Uhh... what's this here you've got listed under accomplishments?

My Cousin: Oh, I got 3 Stars on all the levels for Angry Birds: Rio

Interviewer: Get out.

I fear for my cousin's mental state! Eventually this will be a thing you guys, I'm serious! All birth certificates will eventually be online and we will all eventually live in the internet and we'll all just evolve into projections of ourselves and we'll no longer have physiological aspects.

Babies are literally going to come out of vaginas looking like iPods with the apple logo on their ass and everything. I'm afraid of what's to come with Generation Tech. They will be even more desensitized, even more dumb and have more porn fueled in their heads by the time they reach 13 than Ron Jeremy in the 70s. Godspeed, tech babies!

27 clueless comments:

It's gonna be like the matrix, and we'll just plug the network connections to our brain stem XD
I'm a gen X'er myself

I for one, welcome our new robot overlords. I was born in 1991, and I hate seeing kids these days with cellphones at 10 years old... Eh.

i can feel exactly what you think, kids growing up nowadays are in a world i would not want to grow up in myself

lol! you're right! mankind is fucked up right now

so true. but you dont realize...humanity was f**Ked since it began.

I think this is completely true. I mean, i hate seeing 7 year olds that have little gadgets that are better than mine. What do they even use them for?

Ahahahahaha that's bad right there.

hahaha this pisses me off a bit. I hate see teenagers losing their time as a kid.

Lol what a spin on things

Great blog lol +follow to you man

Hahaha, I can see where you're coming from to be sure. I think the need for physical intimacy though will stop us from getting quite to that point.

Wouldn't surprise me if we end up all getting branded with the apple logo at birth though.

Im part of Gen Y/millennials. I didn't have internet/technology at my finger tips until the early 00's so yeah, I think technically we were the last bunch of "normies" to grow up actually playing outside. Either way, my 6 year old cousin knows how to email and plays games online. He probably has a better blog than I do too!

Oh yeah, because 3 stars at Angry Birds is such a huge accomplishment in life ;)

C++ classes aren't in the womb! They're in kindergarten! xD Followed

I dread a future like this. I love technology, but it also scares me quite a bit. I'm particularly scared of the cloud. I DO NOT want birth certificates online. I don't want my personal information online.

Crazy kids and their computers, in my day we had rocks and we liked it that way!

I know its irrelevant but that baby's face is hysterically adorable. I understand what you mean though.

I work at a hospital, and old people are telling me EVERY DAY how listening to a music player is sooo bad and kids these days can't appreciate quiet or nature or talking. SCREW THAT! I love technology! We can do so much with it!

The Truth About Genetics

haha this is some matrix theory shit

my 5 year old cousin has a facebook, and an iphone, and a quad. WTF ARE THEIR PARETNS THINKING!

every consecutive generation is naturally more advanced and capable than the last. We are evolving like computers.

Sure they're more and more capable in terms of tech, but they're losing a lot in other fields.
There's this kid that lives near me that makes his own mods for the games he plays but he also looks like he's a gentle breeze away from 4 fractured bones...

"Interviewer: Uhh... what's this here you've got listed under accomplishments?

My Cousin: Oh, I got 3 Stars on all the levels for Angry Birds: Rio"

Hilarious. I agree, it seems like every kid nowadays is born with technological skills. Crazy

it's definitely a different world today. some funny stuff here. cuz it's true!

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