Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guess That Show: 2011

So, there are new summer shows getting ready to premiere on several different channels and honestly I haven't been keeping up with television due to work and school. So, I am going to try my best to guess what these shows are about just by looking at the promotional poster. Let's get started...

Body of Proof - ABC

My best guess is this is clearly a show about a vivacious, red headed necrophiliac.

Chaos - CBS

Four successful young business men that live in New York City and sometimes perform oral sex on one another.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King - ABC Family

Hahaha... what? Okay, I guess this is a show about a cat related to Rodney King.

Falling Skies - TNT

Wow! There's a scruffy guy looking ominously outward and Steven Speilberg is involved! This show is probably about massive golden letters raining upon the earth.

Happy viewing!

10 clueless comments:

Your blog is undoubtedly more entertaining than these shows will be.

CHAOS ? wait what?! funny..

lololol nice. I actually am kind of excited for Falling Skies...just me though.

lol its true, none of these shows look very good :(

haha, does the cat end up losing a few lives in some kind of police brutality incident?

Haha, you got me, I laughed out loud.

ah ah ah Too much tv series now in america, less quantity and more quality

You.. you are funny. got a good string of chuckles out of this.

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