Monday, March 28, 2011

Today's New Rule

Before sitting down to lay some lincoln logs in the ol' ceramic mouth, look at the seat to make sure your stupid room mate, Peter, didn't piss ALL over it.

24 clueless comments:

I always wipe the seat before I sit down :P

Starting now, calling them Lincoln logs. +1

Exactly what Spade said. I don't care if it looks clean or not, I don't risk it.

hahaha, same as Spade. Always, no matter what.


i always check and clean the seat before i make some african babies!

Hahaha you've totally got a follower! Keep up the great content.

That's disgusting, really! I actually line the seat with toilet paper to protect against that kind of stuff.


That guy peed all over my bread once.

If anything, my roommate checks the seat whether I pissed all over it or not.

you dont like sitting in piss?

every fucking time,its not peter's fault its my stupid brother problem i used to hook the seat up but ,they do learn slowly

Whoa. I didn't know I even had a roommate.

hahaha, only his name is MIKE

I turn on the lights and see if there is a liquid reflex. If there is, it's pee. I then clean in and sit down I need need to take a shit. If I don't need, I just let the pee there and add even more maybe.

I think that's how things should work on toilets.

That toilet looks pretty clean to me!

I live with people where you dont have to check the toilet before you going to use it.

You only have to forget this rule once, and you'll never forgive yourself.

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