Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well, look who dun goof'd...

Jessi Slaughter, infamously known as the girl tormented by internet bullies, is into even more trouble. It is reported that her father was arrested for punching the 12 year old in the mouth. Police of Marion County reported that the young girl ran next door to her neighbor's home and asked them to help with blood running down her face. Hahahahaha, looks like he never back traced anyone but he sure did back slap.

Here is the video that features both Jessi Slaughter and the father.

7 clueless comments:

Lol I read about that a few days ago. I guess consequences will never be the same...


what a scrub...

Yell at the internet for abusing his daughter, and then he abuses his daughter.



That is so annoying I can't stand it

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