Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today's New Rule

Next time you have to sneeze, try not to look like you're having a three minute climax. Especially during Economics class.

15 clueless comments:

hahah, so true. i hope no ones caught me sneezing.

i guess you cant sneeze with your eyes open?

dang you must have some awesome sneezes.

Haha! but.. but.. the longer the sneeze the better the feeling. A friend of mine told me once that sneezing is equivelant to 1/8th an orgasm :]!

i sneeze like a mongol and cant help it...

LoL well done buddy. Honestly i never understood people that sneezed as loud as a jet engine. Just a pet peeve lol.

some people sure sneeze very loudly

My dog just sneezed on me as I read this blog post.

i hate both ends of this. Me watching someone do it and me do it. so awkward

Hahaha but a sneeze is 1/8th and orgasm!

Haha. I hear so many different kinds of sneezes.

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