Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Similarities Between The Lion King and Lost

I'm not one to point the finger and say "HEY THAT GUY IS PLAGIARIZING", and I'm not saying this is a different circumstance. Lost is an incredible show with a mind-blowing plot, but I have noticed some similarities between the epic animated feature film and the cult based sci-fi extravaganza.

Good vs. Evil Allegory

Okay, point numero uno... The whole "good versus evil" schtick symbolized between a bitterness of a blonde haired sibling (good) and a dark haired sibling (evil) which ultimately ends in one the evil one dying off a cliff.

Timon and Pumbaa Paradox Charlie and Hurley

Another thing are the striking similarities between the two relationships, timon/pumbaa and charlie/hurley. An unorthodox friendship between an overweight, shaggy haired brown guy and a skinny blonde with addiction. For Charlie it was heroin and Timon, it was creepy crawlies.

The Hyenas Paradox The Others

The ostracized hyenas from The Lion King bare a vague similarity to the barbarically depicted "Others" of Lost. They wanna be loved too!

The Pretty Ones

Of course every epic tale must have a love interest and with that in check, Kate and Jack are a chromosome away from being Nala and Simba.

5 clueless comments:

Hahahaha, no way! This was awesome. I never thought of it that way. Mind is forever blow.

puahuahuauh :D following !

Instead of going with the obvious Kimba the white lion comparisons, you went for LOST instead. Very interesting indeed.

Well all stories have been told before in one way or another right?
I mean its all the archetypes described in ancient Greece. Still interesting to see the similarities.

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