Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today's New Rule

When walking in a crowded area, make sure you acknowledge that other humans have feet and on those feet, they also have shoes that can easily be kicked off because of your negligence. Then when they are kicked off, they are left with only one shoe, lost in a crowd of unrelenting robots kicking the loose shoe around the base of the floor like an unwanted fetus.

9 clueless comments:

"unwanted fetus" - I feel bad for laughing so hard

Best part was "like an unwanted fetus". Also, it's a bitch going against the crowd to get to a lost shoe. I would know.

haha this has happened to me before. i live in new york city. following.

I hate that!! Also, "unwanted fetus" did make me laugh, but I totally feel your pain.

yeah thats why i dont wear flip flops

Has happened to me with flip flops. Hate it.

oh man, that is actually so annoying when it happens

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