Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Every Second Counts

My mind wanders while I drive to school in the morning in a haze of slight swerves and unexpected nods so often that it seems like a daily ritual. This morning I woke up a few minutes early (two) in order to be more alert while driving so I could actually enjoy the rest of my life and not have to feel the sacrificial torment of running over a child as I sit in my jail cell.

As I drove to school, I saw a girl walking two pit bulls and she couldn't have looked more bored. She was almost sleep walking as the two muscular dogs guided her lifeless torso around like some kind of movie trailer for a cheap rip-off of Weekend At Bernie's. As the girl was being puppeteered down the sidewalk, her two dogs began to fight each other abruptly. They bit one another's neck and started to roll around in the grass, awakening the comatose woman. She clearlly didn't understand what was going on or how to stop the dogs so she basically tried to maintain the situation, not allowing it to get any worse.

The dogs then began to spin in circles around the girl as she held on with desparation, twisting around in the same spot like a child's spinning top. This all happened in the span of thirty seconds and I just had a blank face forward then I started to laugh so hard, I cried on my steering wheel. I'm very glad I woke up two minutes early.

17 clueless comments:

that must have been hilarious!!!

I wish I could have seen that.

I would've definitely been laughing!

karma payed you back for your extra effort ;)

I woke up early today and was almost hit by an suv pulling out of the neighborhood


Things like this never happen when I wake up early..

Sounds hilarious! I would love to watch this :)

hahahaha Great stuff man. im with Moby that sounds like something worth watching

That was ver random but I'll try waking up early tomorrow to see what happens

Nice literary quality you have been putting on the texts you write. Keep up the nice stuff.

I use to drive with my windows down, helped allot.

sounds funny, stay safe brodem

Nice post, keep up the good work!

Haha oh man that's hilarious. I can just imagine this now then just blank face turning back, then cracking up.

The early bird gets the first worm... or laugh in this case, haha!

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