Sunday, May 15, 2011

Monday Movie Review - Bridesmaids

I saw a current movie, yay! So I saw Bridesmaids this weekend and the first thing I want to point out is if you enjoy cackling 'girlfriends' behind you, go see this movie! Seriously, it was the most absolutely annoying audience ever. It's like everyone got the women of The View and multiplied them by fifty so they could fill a theater so with that said, men, stay away from watching this movie in theaters.

This movie was the big writing debut for the effing hilarious Kristen Wiig and her friend who I don't know. The movie had some moments which I found hilarious don't get me wrong, but there were just a few things that bothered me about it. Let's get started.

So, Kristen plays Annie, who is a down-on-her-luck single with Jon Hamm from Mad Men playing her asshole fuck buddy, HAHA. Maya Rudolph was also great and she plays Lillian, the woman getting married. When I was getting into this, I assumed it was going to be a girl version of The Hangover but it actually took a pretty hard right turn into creating a disgusting portrayal of funny women.

I get that women can be funny, but I don't think the most forward thing you guys can do to be funny is shit and piss and vomit all over each other. But I will admit, I was crying hysterically when Maya Rudolph tried to cross the street in her wedding dress and ended up not making it to the bathroom, so she shat in her dress. Yup!

Here's one thing that bothered me about the film...

WHY IS THIS WOMAN GETTING WORK... Seriously, she's the least funny person I've ever seen yet I always see her in comedic performances including The Office. She sucks Hollywood, get rid of her and tear her dreams apart.

Also, the other only thing that bugs me about this movie is how absolutely sad Kristen Wiig's character is in the movie. She had a bakery, lost it because of the recession, boyfriend left her, room mates kicked her out, best friend hates her and she is forced to move back in with her Mom. At this point, every time she does something funny, the audience is giving her a laugh followed by 'awhhhh'. Pity laughs aren't laughs!

Then there was this chick...

At first I thought they were trying to write in their own female version of Zach Galifianakis, and honestly that's pretty much what she was minus the quirky remarks and plus more farting. She was really funny and had a lot of good moments like the whole 'Air Marshall' scene and the hilarious sex tape at the end *SPOILER ALERT* she sucks a guys dick through a sandwich. Haha, yup! The one thing I absolutely love about her character is how she didn't have to rely on physical comedy to get laughs. Good on ya!

But moving on from those slight blemishes, the movie was totally hilarious. I give it FIVE OUT OF FIVE VAGINAS! GO WOMEN!

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must... not... read spoiler...

She's hilarious because she's a huge mockery of ditzy hipster girls and she plays it perfectly.

ok ill give it a try! thanks

Great post! Keep up the good work!

omg LOL I cant wait to see this :-D hope its good as it looks

FUUU damnit man im sorry i couldnt read anything you posted, those kind of chick flick i just cant stand, its worse than a kick to the groin.

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