Monday, May 30, 2011

My Friend's TV is an Asshole

I got high last night at my friend's Bar-B-Q and as the night dwindled away and the stars collapsed into the sky, we decided to watch TV. Here's the thing about my friend... he's still living in the 90s. He still has a house phone WITH a cord attached to the wall, still has AC units instead of central air, still has an antenna for his TV and above all, he still listens to Nirvana religiously.

As we sat in front of his TV, sweating balls from the Texas heat that wasn't being disguised by the cheap AC unit that dripped so consistently outside, we started to watch TV. I don't remember what the program was or what its relevance was to the night but all that I know is that it was a sitcom with a whole lot of punchlines.

Here's the thing... Everytime there was a punchline, the TV would cut out right away and we'd be left clueless masqueraded over with a studio audience laughter and applause.

What? WHAT THE FUCK DID RAY RAMONO SAY THAT WAS SO FUNNY... Fuck you Taylor's TV and your sadistic sense of humor, I hope you burn in hell. Oh! I just remembered, we were watching Everybody Loves Raymond. Classic. Leave it to strong emotions to bring back stronger memories.

11 clueless comments:

punchlines, tv does not approve

if he has the same tv as it is on the pic i believe you :)

cersorship side effect: damn your friend's T.V.

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give him money for new tv instead of grumbling

That's hilarious. Then again, when you realize the annoyance of laugh tracks, shows like Everybody Loves Raymond lose a lot of luster, so maybe the fuzz was a blessing. Wonder what would've happened had you been watching a show like The Office.

-C.C.I. xx

that ish is old; get a new one

Aaah haha, that made me crack up! That would SUCK! Although, that's weird, how could that happen anyway?

hahahaha i hate old tv's. You should accidentally break his so he has to get a new one.

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