Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Osama's Death According to College Students

Awwhhhh yeah, everyone sing it with me. WEEEE ARE THE CHAMPIONNSSS MY FRRRANNNNNNNNN... So yeah, Osama Bin Laden is dead and everyone is excreting patriotism from their assholes and vomiting star spangled chunks all over each other, especially in D.C. Seriously, it's like the entire country is a drunken downtown metropolis on the night of the World Series.

I've noticed that when I go to school, people decide to just make up whatever facts they want about the topic of Osama being caught and killed. I understand the benign neglect that people decide to throw in the direction of this administration but is it really necessary to drag other issues into this?

"I heard he was shot in the nut sack," said a student beside me in class. I then barked at him and told him to stop talking to me.

"Obama is such a badass, did you know he was on the chopper that killed Osama?" asked a young, hipster girl beside me in another class.

"Oh man, I really like that Osama is dead but I just wish Obama wasn't taking all the credit for it. Everyone knows it was all Bush," said a Fraternity knuckle-dragger across the hall fro mme.

I understand the need of patriotism in a time like this and the absolute awesomeness that May 1st will now hold in history as the day both Hitler and Osama were killed, but seriously, why are people trying to politicize this event?

Sure, Obama didn't bust down the door, pull his shades off, shoot Bin Laden point-blank in the face then proceed to fuck First Lady Obama on his corpse. Nope! That didn't happen, but at least give credit where credit is due. Obama did actually have something to do with this lead.

I heard on the news that Osama was caught because of couriers? Hahahaha... It must suck to have to be a fucking messenger for OSAMA BIN LADEN. For some reason, I picture the couriers being unbelievably suspicious and mischievous at the same time, kind of like the Spy vs. Spy cartoon.

Oh yeah, these guys know what I'm talking about.

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Here's what I don't get. I understand that Bin Laden was a terrible person and his death is a positive thing, but is it REALLY necessary to celebrate someone's death? If my worst enemy died, I wouldn't cheer and throw a party.
Waving the American Flag and celebrating someone's (albeit a horrible someone's) death doesn't show patriotism. It's inhumane.
Really, I'm not trying to be unpatriotic.
I just don't think death is a cheering matter. :/
I really hope no one misunderstands me. :(

Hah, fair enough. I went on the common for a bit to see the all the people celebrating, it was pretty fun.

AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAAA F"#$CK YEAH!!! im gonna post that in all blogs speaking of Binladens Death


whoever the messenger for osama would've been, he would have had to have a really slick mustache

@PeaceLoveandSharpies: I don't think what most people are celebrating is just "the death of a person". They're celebrating a major take-down of a very strong political leader and figure-head for a very dangerous and very hard hitting terrorist group. I'm happy he was taken out; dead or otherwise. I would have preferred he were put on trial, or something. In any case, he's answered for his crimes against humanity.

But personally,, I don't think it's wrong to cheer after the death of a mass murderer, especially on this scale. Did you know he was directly and indirectly responsible for over 5,000 innocent deaths, at least? Good riddance, I say.

^^^ drab maestro agree completely. its more that this guys out the picture

It will probably be a national holiday next year.

I'm tired of all these Osama posts.

he probably did get shot in teh nut....have you heard, Tarantino is making a movie called Basterd Troops.

that actually sums it up very well

College students - The least well informed human beings on the planet, but they think they are the most.

Love it - even though I am one haha

I thought about heading downtown (I live outside DC) when I heard. but really it's just dickwaving and gratuitous. I think there was a way to celebrate without treating it like your team won the world series.

That's what happens when the government refuse to spill the details, everyone will make up their own theories and stories.

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