Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things That Terrify Me

There are a lot of things that disturb and out right scare the shit out of me. So, let's get started DUDES...

First on the list... toilets. I know everyone has grown used to the sound and has been used as the international sound for "I'm done pooping" but seriously, the sound is just awful. Pooping should be a peaceful, empathetical experience that should be done alone (and not in the public restroom of a Chili's). The sound of a toilet flushing is like the gates of hell opening as the three headed dog comes roaring out, chomping your family. Also, for some reason the toilets in hospitals are EXTRA terrifying.

This is actually a pretty common fear... Clowns. Fucking clowns. I'm so scared of clowns, I can't even post a picture of an ACTUAL clown... I had to go with clip art. The root of this fear happened when I was younger. I was at the local public library with my brother and before we were getting ready to leave, I looked behind me from the back of the car and saw a van pull up with, you guessed it, A FUCKING CLOWN. He was getting ready to perform for a show in the library's children's section (inappropriate) and I saw him shuffling in the driver's seat, getting his materials like a horn and water-squirting flowers etc... Then he stopped what he was doing because he saw me looking at him and I guess somewhere in his demented mind, he thought it would be funny to twiddle his fingers at me, and grin his big red lips. I shat myself.

That's about all I can think of right now, if I remember any other horror stories, I'll keep you guys posted.

7 clueless comments:

clowns i can understand, but toilets? well, i guess i can understand the really loud ones that suck the water away in less than 2 seconds, those are a bit scary

awww haha the clown story was cute. But the toilets hmm, I can imagine the sound you're afraid of but it's just the sound of the toilet eating your poop. How do you manage to use toilets if they terrify you so?

I refuse to poo in unfamiliar places. It has to be at home or in a hotel room.

damn seems harsh bro try to confront your fears man i have a phobia of Aliens man no kidding i hate does little green big eyed monsters

lol toilets... havent heard of that one. then again im a germ-o-phobe when it comes to toilets and bathrooms in general

had an ex who was deathly afraid of clowns. glad i don't have any fears like that.

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