Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Live Blog: 4/20 (Sad Mom Day)

Today is a day to be celebrated but it is also a day that is unknowingly dreaded by witless mothers that think that funny smell in your room is a dead skunk in the attic. I'll be live blogging my experiences all day from start to end, feel free to join me in the comments if you'd like.

12:35 am - Took my first celebratory hit with David Bowie's record Space Oddity playing in my room. Whoever Tom is, I need him to know that ground control is coming. Gonna stay on the internet for a bit longer then hit the bed.

6:57 am - Time for school! Once again took another celebratory hit so I can handle the horde of idiots I have to endure. Haha this is starting to sound like alcoholism. Say hello to the green unicorns kids!

8:33 am - For some reason I guess my school thought it would be funny to have a fire drill today. It looks so apocalyptic now as if a nuclear missle is headed straight for us.

11:00 am - Reading George Orwell's 1984. I feel like he wrote this while he was extremely high. One more class and I'm going home so I can see the magic ponies again. Today I saw a girl hit a black man with a flip flop. What is happening to the world?

1:26 pm - At work now... Sobriety until 5 O'Clock :(
Damn you, responsibilities!

9:18 pm - Wow, I forgot about you guys haha... So I got off work, went to my friend taylor's house and he was there and his friend was there and THE WHOLE PLACE SMELLED LIKE FRUIT LOOPS. Then we smoked out of this weird 8 chamber, home made soda bong that was just awesome. There were bugs all over all of us.
Then I went to Cici's Pizza with my friend Zack and we molested that all you can eat buffet like a horny priest fondles an alter boy.
Then me and my friend went back to Taylor's and we all took a one hour nap and then I dropped my friend off, went back home and caught the end of Dumb and Dumber.

11:21 pm - Well, the day is dwindling away along with my buzz but the night still continues to grow darker and the days will come and this particular day will come some day as well when the cosmos allign and gives you that perfect evening.
Good night everybody.

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check out my blog for a 420 related post as well


i just found out i had forgot to follow you...lmao....but i was still commenting on your blog before...lol

5:18PM- no money for anything good to happen today

time to cry myself to sleep

420 is a bad day, all the drug crap in society pisses me off. Oh, and happy hitlers birthday and combine massacre!

Lame! Sad mom day? What a joke. I thought you were a college kid? You sound like some cliche high school freshmen who needs to tell the world you smoke weed to feel like they belong! Get real. Unfollowed.

I think I hear more people complain about 4:20 than I do actually "celebrate" it. For shit's sake, it's just weed, don't get your panties in a bunch. If you don't like it, don't do it (Hell, i don't really do it ether). Don't judge someones character based solely on the fact that they smoke though. Get real.

ha, sounds like you enjoyed it!

Why would you do something like that?!

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