Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Facebook Epidemic

I unfortunately have been sucked into the vortex of social networks and sitting on my ass with a thin layer of cheeto dust on my shirt. Well, I am NOT dusting off all of the cheeto dust but instead I will share with you the absurdity that I have seen on facebook...

First off, we have the imbeciles that know literally nothing about music and instead decide to name drop random musical artists that don't share the same genre or ERA whatsoever.

Next are the sluts. OHHHHHH sluts! With their alcohol, blonde hair and forced cleavage, who can't enjoy their rants!

And finally, what would facebook be without the Myspace immigrants? Myspace immigrants are the ghetto posters that have grown tired of the desolate, abandoned world of Myspace and traveled to the new and rich social network facebook.

Burn in hell, all of you

19 clueless comments:

LMFAO. :( I use facebook, I agree it's lame with the social status.. I hardly do them, unless they're something motivating lol

I hope that isn't stuff you found on your facebook, because I would have deleted those people asap. Thankfully I'm not on much.

There's some really interesting people on my facebook too, white trash people are funny

i gave up facebook. best decision

honestly i hate facebook....

LOL. how true!! :-). Honestly, it is so pointless putting all your drama on your status so the whole world can see. I don't think they realize that people don't care!!

Weird, as soon as I started blogging, I lost all interest in facebook. great!

Oh far out, I hadn't seen too much bs on facebook lately, but you just reminded me about all the horrible things. 'Ghetto' posters are the worst.

Everyone I know is addicted to Facebook, it's sad

haha i agree i got people that post constantly im in the shower, I dont Give a fukc what ur doing

You have to careful dude, some of those that appear around the web have been made or shopped. But anyway, if these are real they are a lot of fun. Cheers.

I,m done with FB i deleted it a while ago. Now i'm looking forward to DIASPORA* an opensource and secure social network.

haha those facebook posts are funny! especially the pregnant chick one!! lmao

following and supporting!

So true. Tired of all of it.

i cringed hard at the first one

Tell her i'm sorry, I was the one spreading the rumors about her, and the pregnancy one is true, she just wants to do a self-abortion with the vodka

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