Monday, April 4, 2011

Today's New Rule

While walking in front of a male (who has testacles), please refrain from swinging your arms. Believe it or not women, your arms are the perfect distance to lightly tap a man's genitals which proves to be a gargantuan amount of pain.

15 clueless comments:

oh god
some times being tall gets me away from it, but rarely :(

I have done this so many times....

It doesn't take much of a tap either. My nuts hurt just thinking about it.

Haha how humorous of you! LOL.
I can, unfortunately, relate.

has this actually ever happened to any of you? Ouch

Even the slightest breeze could cause pain. women just don't understand the sensitivity

i coudlnt agree more :D damn arms

haha oh man, ive been hit by that many a time

This is the best advice I've seen all week. I hate getting nut tapped.

hahahhaa, DAMN MAN i felt that pain just from reading this. its just so argh DAMN

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