Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Military Fever

I've noticed lately that a lot of kids I went to high school with are now in the military, army, marines, navy etc.... It's all the same to me to be honest. I understand that there are certain jobs that are more dangerous than others when you're going into the armed forces but... Why? Seriously, why would you sign up for something like this when you're so young?

I remember this kid in my advisory class (class that talks about your feelings) last year and he explained the rigorous training he would have to endure once he would go to boot camp. He said that they are rationed food, told when to pee, told when to sleep and they all sleep in the same room, cramped like sausages. Also, if they vomit at any time during training, they must pick up the vomit with their hands and put it in their pants.

I thought that last part was bullshit too, believe me but he stuck with his word. So basically, these kids are signing up to be in the holocaust? Because that's what it all sounds like. I know these people do an important service and they protect my ass blah blah blah, and I'M GRATEFUL... DOWN WITH BEARDED TERRORISTS. But really, WHY WOULD SOMEONE SIGN UP FOR THIS.

This sounds like terrible, mental torture. I'm surprised they aren't forced to masturbate to a photo of their mothers as a form of punishment for not cleaning their shoes with a dingy tooth brush correctly.

Also apparently kids who don't even have interest in combat have to go through boot camp. HUH! Someone I knew was joining the marines to be in their band (hahahahhahahaa) because apparently that's a thing?

He said that he would have to go through a thirteen week boot camp just like everyone else and apparently he had to tie a bayonet to his tuba or something so the terrorists won't kill him while he's horning out a sweet melodic version of Star Spangled Banner.

I highly doubt that these band nerds will ever face combat, haha. This isn't the Civil War, where each battle had to be introduced by a flamboyant flute player wearing a red, white and blue man-skirt.

But whatever, to each their own I guess.

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The only reason i would possibly join would be to pay off student loans :x

thats crazy, I also heard it was intense. Honestly i don't think there is a point to war/military - people should do something else with their lives than fight or even train to go to war. Just my opinion..
Great post though :-)

It's because we're a generation of fuck ups.

I guess it's more exciting than an office job?

It's sad that we still recuit soldiers this way still, would be better if noone had soldiers.

I think it's a little ridiculous to compare it to the Holocaust... No offense, but that in of itself is offensive.

I'll agree it's indoctrination, perhaps similar to the Nazis in Germany, but saying that soldiers are being put through holocaust-like environments is incorrect and offensive.

^Everyone who follows me should know that most of what I say is a joke. Clearly the military is not going through any kind of social genocide and it's retarded to even think that anyone believes that.

Your posts are always fun to read. Anything that isn't about minecraft or smartphones is always fun to read. Anyway, the humorous/sarcastic tone was pretty obvious to catch... =/

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