Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Life and Death of Mr. Caterpillar

Okay, so something weird has been happening in my living room for the past week. I noticed it Tuesday when I got up from my blogging to go and use the little boy's room. When I returned, to my surprise, there was a small caterpillar, peculiar in shape, slithering around on my keyboard. Of course, it startled me and instead of killing it, I just flicked it off my keyboard.

Since that day, every time I get up momentarily from my laptop in the living room, Mr. Caterpillar is somewhere on my laptop when I return. Exhibit A:

Ahhh! Frightening right? Right. So this only gives me one conclusion to turn to... Mr. Caterpillar is deeply in love with me. I realized this when he looked at me. He showed me his gleaming little bug eyes that screamed love and torment at the same time. I didn't know how to respond to his awkward affection so I flicked him off once more.

Just this morning I got up to take the trash out and when I returned, low and behold, he came crawling back. But this day was different and I'd had enough of his shenanigans. I sat with him and told him that our love was forbidden and it couldn't be.

"Society isn't ready!" I said.

So I had to take him out of his misery so he could move on to a better world. A better life.

Let's have a moment of silence for Mr. Caterpillar.

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*sniff* Never forget. RIP Mr. Caterpillar.

Aw dude, that was a cute post, with a sad ending. I laughed at "So this only gives me one conclusion to turn to... Mr. Caterpillar is deeply in love with me." Good post.

haha when I saw that the only thing I could think of was a caterpillar getting slapped across the face! LOL

Caterpillars are awesome!

LOOOL!! Poor caterpillar :'(.

lol nice job.
maybe next time he'll think twice


this blog made my day :].. lol

Poor little bugger.

My League of Legends Blog.
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My BM/Metal blog.
Death with No Redemption

you didn´t had to kill it, you could´ve take it outside and release him. that said, I have another possibility for its appearance: perhaps it was living inside your laptop. attracted by the heat it emitted, it was the perfect environment. the reason it came out when you were gone might have been to feed on the skin cells that fell off your hands after long hours on the keyboard.

RIP Senior Catipillar


come look at my new tank :)

RIP caterpillar. you will be sorely missed.

RIP Mr. Caterpillar, you will be missed :(

That doesn't look like a caterpillar o_O

Looks like a grasshopper lol RIP

Poor Mr. Caterpillar, bet he is in heaven with Mrs Caterpillar now.

"Society isn't ready!" I said.

:D:D nice read. RIP

Maybe it was a pokemon? How dare you! ;(

Wonder what the church would have to say about this? :D

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