Monday, April 18, 2011

Orange Juice: The New Teenage Drug

So, I saw this commercial on TV the other day and couldn't help but think: huh? Hahaha, this kid's life sucks and he doesn't give a shit about it.

"What's that, baby sister? You said you want me to molest you at night when mom is asleep, great thanks awesome."

"What did you just say, puppy? You'd like to bite on my leg and have me throw you into the blender and microwave your chunks? Great, awesome at least I have my orange juice."

This kid is a mess. They might as well replace orange juice with heroin in this commercial. Someone give him some positive re-enforcement.

13 clueless comments:

Haha, your commentary makes the video so much better.

Brb, I'm going to shoot some OJ.

lol this is insane well oranges

That's some funny stuff right there. The commentary does make it better.

Someone commented on the video:

He definitely looks a lot better with his hair long and out around his head like he has it in this commercial and all the other ones I've seen him in. Honestly, he's sooo cute and hot, and there's something about the way he talks and articulates with his cute facial expressions that makes me wanna hug him and squeeze him and kiss him forever. He's got one those cute, beautiful, adorable faces that I would never ever get tired of seeing. So wonderfully gorgeous...

which made me wat harder than the video itself /:C

I hate commercials like that, but I do like Orange juice.

Sending a very big message on the downlow with this vid hahahaha

Yeah this could be much better with the dog in the blender and a quick snort of cocaine

Haha. You could replace the OJ with any drug xD

with all the chemicals in Florida's orange juice, you can totally read minds and looks into the future.

Damn! I need some of those orange juice... My life sucks!!!

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