Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Movie Review: Scream

Scream 4 is being released in theaters this month (YES) and of course I'm excited. I've always loved the scream trilogy, but I guess it's not a trilogy anymore. Anyways, I re-watched Scream last night and noticed a few things about it that I didn't before because I haven't seen it in so long.

Scream is a slasher flick that used the traditional murderous killer killing horny high school teenagers. Sure! But does the murderer really have to wear the most un-scary mask and costume? This is the cheapest costume i've ever seen in a slasher flick. There's a difference from cheap and scary... Scary is the disgusting skin mask that leatherface wears... Cheap is the shiny polyester wearing killer.

Anyways, the movie stars Neve Campbell (LOL) as Sydney Prescott, the daughter of a woman whose murder was infamously known nationally. Courtney Cox portrays an asshole news reporter that profits off of others misfortune and has a really lame hair cut so basically, she's Nancy Grace. With a gun!

So yeah, the killer begins to call teenagers and makes funny threats that make Drew Barrymore cry.


So yeah, Drew Barrymore dies. Hahahaha... Awh, Drew Barrymore, no wonder you turned to drugs in the nineties. Your hair was ridiculous.

So, then the killer starts to torment Sydney Prescott! Oh boy, here we go! Neve Campbell shows off her scared acting skills in this movie by gasping several times. Seriously, 80% of this movie is Neve Campbell just gasping on the phone and running.

So yeah, The Oscar goes to... NOT HER.
So basically, the killer starts slashing kids and the movie toys around with the basic rules of horror films which I love. It turns out that the killer is who Sidney originally suspected, her boyfriend. Her boyfriend also killed her mother (yikes) and now he wants to kill Sidney because her mom banged his dad and that made his mom leave... Uhh... Let's back up.

So he pre-meditated this whole thing just because his mother left? He killed her mother then a year later after faking an entire relationship, decides to go on a killing spree and murder her? Wouldn't it just be a lot easier to go out and just FIND HIS FUCKING MOM.

OKAY... Clearly he's gone ape shit. So Courtney Cox saves the day and kills Skeet Ulrich... Really? Whatever, but this movie is still a great classic. Written by Wes Craven so you can't pass it up.

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While Scream undoubtedly is of historical significance, I just can't stand 90s slasher flicks. I'm still interested in seeing Scream 4 though.

Love that mask, have to get one someday :D

Thanks, I much prefer to read about a horror movie than to actually watch it. Too much of a chicken wuss to see the real thing! Haha..

hahaha man these movies were awesome. I remember watching every single one despite the redundant story line.

Hey, you have to stay fashionable while murdering, hence the polyester

damn classic brah
with the 4th coming out soon im pumped

Scream is awesome, looking forward to the new one

Man this movie seems like it came out yesterday, great review

despite how bad it may seem in some ways. i still want to check it out.
scream is one of those movies in pop culture that i haven't seen. ( up there with soylent green)

These look so cheesy, haha.

cant wait for the next one!

Can't wait to see Scream !! :-)

Even though it's so cheesy it's the kind of movie you feel like you have to see anyway.

This brings back some memories man.

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