Friday, April 8, 2011

Have A Good Friday!

She's so damn edgy!

23 clueless comments:

She gets to do more songs? Totally abusing the situation since everyone hates her lol.

This song again so she become so popular now.

Totally made my friday 20 times better, thanks!

.... :'D

oh my god I hate you for showing me this lol >.<

I cannot stand this song, it's engraved into my mind

rebecca black is just another wannabe

there is a better version listen to "Rebecca Black, as interpreted by a bad lip reader"

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is she even old enough to have a prom?

She is the hottest thing I've ever seen.

oh wait....

Rebecca Black is irrelevant. The problem is the grown men behind the scenes who are "producing" this crap.

Really....REALLY?! OH GOD....

Another 15 minute famer that we'll all forget about in a month. Just like Double Rainbow and Golden Voice man.

weeee who could listen to this

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