Sunday, April 24, 2011

Rejected Country Songs

Country songs are all sweet and peaceful and about butterflies floating out of guitar strums but back in the 60s when old country grew rampant with popularity in the deep south, people loved writing songs about oppression! Fuck yeah! So here's a list of some rejected country songs that just couldn't meet with today's politically appropriate standards.

- lovin on my sisters muffin

A beautiful ballad about the incestual taboo occurring in a double wide mobile home. This ones a tear jerker!

- singin with my Klan hat on backwards

This one puts a hilarious spin on the typical white supremacy group known as the klu klux Klan. This song will have you lynching with laughter.

- dosey doe round the burning books

This song is just pretty much about burning anything cultural and outside of the Christian religion.

- correct me if im wrong but ma'am you're water just broke

This was originally picked up as the theme song for I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant. Ridiculous, yes but a haunting duet with dolly Parton and Stevie wonder... Uh awesome!

Note: these are all fictional songs so don't google any of them.

13 clueless comments:

All country songs should be rejected!

Get Your Muffins in the Oven and your Buns in Bed.

damn, i wish they were real songs

This comment has been removed by the author.

They exist, you just have to be slow enough to hear and see them

hahaha i told some friends these, they were laughing so much

Aww, I was about to youtube =(

LOL especially at this : butterflies floating out of guitar strums
too bad theyre not real ;-P

lovin on my sisters muffin??? hahaha wtf

lol stevie wonder had his eyes open for that song!

Lovin' on my sisters muffin? I actually would like to hear that.

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