Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Shit Devin Says

In precal class lies a boy named Devin. Devin is a round-bellied awkward kid that says shit that literally never makes sense. He rambles and talks a million miles per hour, then crosses his arms as if he had just succeeded something. Here is how today went. (I am Leo)

Karla: Did you get that shirt in Germany?

Leo: No, I got it in a thrift shop.

Karla: Oh, I just thought you got it in Germany because it says Germany on it.

Leo: So? Devin wears a Coca-Cola shirt all the time, it doesn't mean he got it at a Coca-Cola factory. Devin, have you been to the Coca-Cola factory?

Devin: No, but I've been to a Tabasco factory.

Leo: A Tabasco factory? What did you do there?

Devin: I burned my tongue off!

Leo: Where is the Tobasco factory?

Devin: Oh, I don't know, somewhere east.

Leo: East? As in Asia?

Devin: No, like east of this country like Alabama or something.

Leo: You don't remember? You traveled that far to go to a Tobasco factory and you don't even remember which state it was in?

Devin: It was like a weird state with a lot of trees. I don't remember

And here he is! The man of the hour! (not joking, this is actually him)

18 clueless comments:

hella laughing. i know guys like this. shit. followed.

devin looks like a smart young lad

haha, you think you'd remember a state if you had visited it

Hahaha, unfortunately, I know guys like this as well.. He's just socially awkward and is grasping for attention by making up stories. He could have some sort of mental illness like ADD.. Guessing this guy doesn't get around a lot, by the looks and the story, haha.

haha Devin seems awesome, you should do more of these posts

I can't tell if you are actually serious in this post or not... haha!

Haha, kids like this always crack me up.

Talk about miscommunication. What the hell! I just got a headache lol!

hahaha this is really funny :)

Great post! Keep up the good blogging!

looks like a man of success.

hahaha "a weird state with a lot of trees" whaaaat???

Maybe he's been having too much Tabasco sauce?

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