Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why I avoid the elevator at work

Small talk is the devil. Scratch that, small talk is the devil's pierced dick trying to penetrate you. Maybe it's because of my anti-social tendencies or the lack of caring (or knowledge) of every day things that people at work like to talk about in the elevator. So yeah, gas prices are up but what the hell difference does it make if I'm talking about it with a forty-something "administrative assistant" in a 2-floor elevator.

I avoid the elevator now whenever I see a group of chatty bitches waiting and giggling and chattin' up a storm. Wooh, do those ladies love to chat up a storm. It's like every day, a category 5 chit-chat hurricane blows in through the office I intern at, knocking down file cabinets along with my ability to function when someone asks me about school.

Also, it doesn't help whenever people ask me patronizing questions like who I think will win American Idol or what kind of music I listen to. Yes, I am the youngest person that works in the office but that doesn't mean I WATCH GODDAMN HANNAH MONTANA. That show isn't even on anymore.

So to all the fanny-pack-wearing, sun-burnt-flaunting, morbidly obese waddlers that call themselves women I work with... Yeah, I guess the weather is nice today.

10 clueless comments:

i hate the chit chat also dude

to avoid chit chat in an elevator, take out your phone and pretend to text someone and surf the web.

i just completely ignore someone if they try talking to me and stare blankly straight ahead

the awkwardness eats away at me, but i hold my ground until i get to my floor and then run out of the elevator, pushing whoever's in my way to get through

Just a few "yeps" and "uh-huhs" and they should get the point.

man, elevator talk *shudders*

I love small talks because I love provoking awkward silence. Forcing the topic on to the topic or weather or a local sports team that i know nothing about always does the trick :D

and you are getting fit?

Hahaha yeah, I don't get it either!

that elevator in the photo looks scary....

At least you got a working elevator. My college do have one but it is always turned off to save electricity, and so I always have to climb the stairs to the 7th floor.

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