Thursday, April 7, 2011

So A Duck Walks Into An Ice Cream Shop...

For years, this joke has been told and re-told and some of you may have already heard it... My uncle told me this joke about a year ago and I thought I'd share it.

So, a duck walks into an ice cream shop and looks around. It's not a normal duck it's pretty smart and it wears pants and stuff.

So, the duck is looking around and then he turns to the clerk and says,
"Hey, you guys got any duck food?"

The clerk gives the duck a dumb look like, "what the fuck? Why would we have duck food this is an ice cream shop."

The duck replies, "Oh, alright seeya later."

The next day the duck walks back into the ice cream shop. The shop keeper is a little annoyed. He doesn't like ducks very much. So, after the duck repeatedly walks up and down the store he looks at the clerk again
"Uh... you guys got any duck food today?"

The clerk rolls his eyes.
"No. We do not have any duck food and we will never have duck food."

The duck says,
"alright alright alright... I'll get outta your hair."

The following day, the duck walks into the ice cream shop again. The clerk is reading a magazine, and when he sees the duck he sighs.

The duck does the usual procedure, he walks up and down the shop and then looks at the clerk.
"Err... I hate to interrupt you but... duck food?"

The clerk slams his magazine down on the counter.
"Listen God damn it. We don't have any fucking duck food. And if you come in here asking for it again I'm gonna nail your webbed feet to the floor, go it?"

The duck, terrified runs out of the shop.

A few days pass, and the duck comes back into the ice cream shop.

The clerk says,
"Jesus Christ, you know you got some nerve comin' back here. What do you want?"

The duck looks around suspiciously and says,
"Uhh... you guys got any nails?"

The clerk says,
"uhh... no"

The duck replies with a smile
"oh! then you got any duck food?"

27 clueless comments:

LMAO!!!!! he had no nails!!!!

Ha. I've heard this before. But still funny.

Lol this joke makes no sense, but its funny

It's those ducks i tell ya :(

The duck saw past his bluff and in doing so, became a god.

there should be more lasers in this joke. i like lasers

I have never got this joke, is it somekind of secret message that i dont get or is it just this worthless?

hahahaha My dad told me a variation of this joke once. There wasn't ice cream in my dad's version though. And I like ice cream.

That joke is so cheesy that I had no choice but to roll my eyes.

Haha, I actually haven't heard this one before, only similar ones. Thanks for sharing, made me smile :)

I've heard this so many times, lol

hahaha... made me lol so much

A Duck? I remember it with a rabbit

ive heard the rabbit variation as well. still funny

Hehe I remember hearing this when I was younger :)

Its very funny! Keep up the great work and don't forget to visit mr. moby when you have time!

lol, should post some racist jokes, those are the funniest :D

haha this is great. keep em comin!

Didn't know it, anyway very good joke.

Pretty lame, but it's a duck, so it's awesome.

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